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Dawn Peters

Educational Assistants

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Mrs. Peters is currently on leave.


Dawn is an Educational Assistant on the Innisfail Campus. She has significant experience as a classroom EA, predoninantly at the Middle School level, but has recently allowed her passion for literacy to take her into a new role.  She assists students who require specific assistance to help them overcome learning disabilities in the area of reading.  Dawn very much enjoys working with individual students to increase not only their ability to read, but to share her love for books.

She is a passionate member of Team Sagesse.

Due to her love for lifelong learning, Dawn has acquired both a Bachelor of Theology Degree and her Eductional Assistant Certification.  She has three grown children, who are all actively pursuing their dreams! She lives with her husband, Tom, and enjoys not only reading, but crafting, cooking and baking, as well as volunteering at her church.